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Textual provides solutions for automatically creating unique, original content and marketing material. Our platform is based on a hybrid between grammar and machine learning. We currently support 15 languages. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more!

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Content robots

Textual develops advanced artificial intelligence solutions for media companies and brands. We train robots using machine learning to perform tasks that are currently done by humans.

We are basing our technology on the latest research within AI, algorithm development, big data processes with focus on text and natural language processing. Our first bot has been up and running since 2015.


Chat bots are a useful way for companies to automate parts of the customer service.

For example a customer support bot, taking care of questions and support and providing relevant communication. It is even possible to provide a personalised communication. 

Major platforms like Kik, Slack, Facebook and Skype are providing API’s and tools to be able to integrate with your infrastructure. However the content has to be specific to each use case and the bot has to be trained for the specific purpose. Textual provide tools and knowledge for training of the bots for each use case using advanced AI.


Publishers can benefit from automated content in several areas. In large amounts of data, our robots can find and analyse trends and anomalies. Based on this, a story is created. Our robots can automatically produce thousands of articles in no time.

Some areas where our robot journalist are useful are within sports, weather, local news, emergency larm, open government data, automatic curation and summarizing.


Automatically generated content for brands is useful whenever an organisation needs to create and maintain a large amount of content or ads. For example e-commerce and product organisations that creates lots of product pages and descriptions. Content on websites can be automatically adjusted for SEO purpose. 

Other examples of use are ads. Our bots can easily be configured to generate Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or retargeting content. And by this, reduce the amount of manual labour when it comes to ad generation.

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